CERT-SE – The national CSIRT of Sweden

CERT-SE is Sweden’s national CSIRT (Computer Security Incident Response Team) supporting Swedish society in managing and preventing IT security incidents. Our constituency includes organisations in both private and public sector prioritising essential services and critical infrastructure. CERT-SE is located at the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB).

Our mission includes:

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To reach us, email cert@cert.se or call +46 10 240 40 40.

Knowledge and ability

CERT-SE contributes to increased knowledge and ability within the area of cyber security through:

Managing incidents and vulnerabilities

CERT-SE supports organisations in managing IT security incidents and cyber attacks through:

Situational awareness

CERT-SE contributes to improved situational awareness on cyber security in society through:

CERT-SE encourages all Swedish organisations to share information on anomalies and incidents in their IT environments. By doing so, CERT-SE can provide support in managing the incident and warn other orgnisations.


CERT-SE participates in several national and international collaboration forums for information sharing. National forums are focused on information sharing for sector-specific actors (e.g. telecom, IT operations, SCADA and healthcare) as well as for government authorities. We regularly participate in various forums, including:

RFC 2350

Expectations for Computer Security Incident Response at CERT-SE