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Publicerad - Veckobrev

CERT-SE:s veckobrev v.1

God fortsättning. Denna vecka blir ett uppsamlingsheat av stort och smått som hänt sedan julhelgen. Bland annat om cyberattacken mot finska riksdagen, en ny kryptomask, vilka konsekvenser tumultet vid Kapitolium får för cybersäkerheten, samt ett antal årslistor över de viktigaste händelserna under det gångna året. Trevlig helg önskar CERT-SE!

Nyheter i veckan

Ransomware: Attacks could be about to get even more dangerous and disruptive (23 dec)

CISA Releases Free Detection Tool for Azure/M365 Environment (24 dec)

Several major VPN services taken offline for reportedly offering illegal services (29 dec)

Ransomware Is Headed Down a Dire Path (29 dec)

Early Bird Catches the Worm: New Golang Worm Drops XMRig Miner on Servers (29 dec)
New Golang-based Crypto worm infects Windows and Linux servers (31 dec)

End of Year Traffic Analysis Quiz (31 dec)

Brexit Deal Mandates Old Insecure Crypto Algorithms (31 dec)

Emotet campaign hits Lithuania’s National Public Health Center and several state institutions (31 dec)

Ransomware 2020: A Year of Many Changes (31 dec)

FBI warns swatting attacks on owners of smart devices (2 jan)

A closer look at fileless malware, beyond the network (4 jan)

The Darkness and the Light (4 jan)

One month after ransomware attack, Metro Vancouver’s transit system still not up to speed (5 jan)

Anti-Secrecy Activists Publish a Trove of Ransomware Victims' Data (6 jan)

How to customize your sudo password prompt (6 jan)


The Sunburst hack was massive and devastating. Here are 5 observations from a cybersecurity expert (30 dec)

SolarWinds hackers gained access to Microsoft source code (31 dec)
Microsoft Says SolarWinds Hackers Also Broke Into Its Source Code (31 dec)
Microsoft Internal Solorigate Investigation Update (31 dec)

The 2020 SolarWinds reality check: As cleanup continues, community considers implications (31 dec)

SolarWinds hack may be much worse than originally feared (2 jan)

The biggest espionage plot in history (3 jan)

The SolarWinds attack: A modern-day Pearl Habor? (3 jan)

Finding Targeted SUNBURST Victims with pDNS (4 jan)

Microsoft doesn’t treat its source code like a trade secret. Is that smart? (4 jan)

SolarWinds: The more we learn, the worse it looks (4 jan)

CISA Updates Emergency Directive 21-01 Supplemental Guidance and Activity Alert on SolarWinds Orion Compromise (6 jan)

How to prepare for and respond to a SolarWinds-type attack (6 jan)

SolarWinds hackers had access to roughly 3% of US DOJ O365 mailboxes (6 jan)

Informationssäkerhet och blandat

The Great iPwn: Journalists Hacked with Suspected NSO Group iMessage ‘Zero-Click’ Exploit (20 dec)

Trucking giant Forward Air hit by new Hades ransomware gang (21 dec)

Farmers get their own security advice as cyberattacks increase (22 dec)

U.S. Government Warns of Phishing, Fraud Schemes Using COVID-19 Vaccine Lures (22 dec)

Cyberattack mot riksdagen utreds som spionage (28 dec)

Germany: 'Colossal' cyberattack knocks out Funke news group (29 dec)

The strangest cybersecurity events of 2020: a look back (31 dec)

Threat actor is selling 368.8 million records from 26 data breaches (31 dec)

Beware: PayPal phishing texts state your account is 'limited' (3 jan)

Top data breaches of 2020 – Security Affairs (3 jan)

Musikorganisationen Sami utsatt för hackerangrepp – 45.000 medlemmar kan vara drabbade (4 jan)

Understanding the impact of cyber breaches on the Pentagon (4 jan)

Fourth breach at T-Mobile puts focus on security post mergers (4 jan)

Cybercriminals use psychology--cybersecurity pros should, too (5 jan)

After widespread hospital attacks, targeting of health care industry continues to rise (5 jan)

Survey says, women in cyber make 31 percent less than men (5 jan)

Rioters Open Capitol's Doors to Potential Cyberthreats (6 jan)
Post-Riot, the Capitol Hill IT Staff Faces a Security Mess (7 jan)

Hospitals under siege: 5 ways to boost cybersecurity as the COVID-19 vaccine rolls out (7 jan)

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